Let’s talk about sex.

Let’s talk about whether or not we want it, and the right time to do it. Let’s talk about what we like and don’t like.

Let’s talk about masturbation. Let’s talk about alcohol.

Let’s also talk about sexual abuse. Let’s talk about traumatic, physical and psychological abuse, abuse one can’t ever seem to run away from.

Let’s talk about sexuality. Let’s talk about the ways we hide and closet ourselves from our attractions and desires.

Let’s talk about unplanned pregnancies. Let’s talk about the rashes you’ve been getting that never seem to go away. Let’s talk about the morning after, and that scrambling, haphazard way we try to remember the events of the night before, never quite managing to piece it all together.

Let’s talk about loving.

Let’s talk about communication.

Sex and many things related to it, is often treated as a taboo topic not to be mentioned or discussed constructively in Singapore society. Adolescents are introduced to it as something to abstain from. As a result, people grow up learning about sex from their friends, the Internet, and through porn. This magazine is intended for young people aged 17 and above who feel like they have been left with an inadequate understanding of issues related to sex, sexuality, and making informed choices for themselves.

Half a year ago, a team of diverse twenty-somethings came together to conceptualise, write, design and publish a sex education zine for their peers, cheekily titled WTF!

These articles aim to demonstrate that sexuality is not something we must shy away from thinking about. It’s a fundamental part of life that can be discussed and shared with others to constructive ends.

We acknowledge the need to respect everyone’s varying comfort levels on issues relating to sex. We hope that the information and perspectives you find in WTF! will encourage you to make informed and empowering decisions.

So, let’s talk about sex.

The WTF! team.